Lent & Easter Lent Extra 2018

Lent Extra 2018

Lent Extra 2018




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2018 version available from January 2018. In this edition of Lent Extra, we accompany Jesus on his journey towards Good Friday and onwards to Easter Sunday. We also encounter people walking alongside him, experiencing their own Way of the Cross or supporting others along the road. Time and again, with God’s help, they rise above life’s challenges and discover dignity, meaning and hope. Blindness, multiple sclerosis, prison, earthquakes, torture, war, destitution – God breaks into every situation and shows that there is no need to feel alone and unsupported. At strategic points along the way, God sends a Veronica to offer comfort, a Simon of Cyrene to help with the burden of the cross, a Mary to offer more love and support than words can say.Lent Extra attempts to convey, in some small part, the mysteries of Calvary and of the resurrection in the lives of ordinary people whom God helps to become extraordinary.The magazine also offers children an opportunity to learn more about the meaning of our Lenten journey. In a pull-out centrefold, the Lenten calendar and puzzles condense the Easter mystery into bite-size chunks.

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