Advent & Christmas CD: Celtic Muse

CD: Celtic Muse

CD: Celtic Muse



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Fine traditional music from the farthest reaches of the Celtic lands. Authentic, atmospheric and relaxing melodies for harp, pipes and voice express tales of love, nature, home and heroic deeds.1 An Long Reubaidh - The Reiving ShipSarah Hill, harp2 My Lady Heron's DompeSarah Hill, harp3 Cumha Peather Ruaidhri - Rory Dall's Sister's LamentSarah Hill, harp4 Coilsfield HouseSarah Hill, harp5 The Rowan TreeSarah Hill, harp 6 Bonaparte's MarchSharon Lindo, fiddle, Matthew Spring, accordion 7 An Gille Bann - The Fair Haired LadSarah Hill, harp8 Mairi Bhan Og - Mary, Young and FairSarah Hill, harp9 The Banks of the BannThe Amber Quartet, Ian Giles, voice10 Irish MedleyDragonsfire11 Bi Falbh O'n Uinneig - Go Away From My WindowSarah Hill, harp12 Fear a'Bhata - The BoatmanSarah Hill, harp13 Mo Nighean Chruinn Donn - My Neat Auburn MaidSarah Hill, harp14 By Yon Castle Wa'Sarah Hill, harp15 Harp SongSarah Hill, harp16 Mnathan a Ghlinne Sèo - Women of the GlenSarah Hill, harp17 Connaught Mary and James O'DonnellSharon Lindo, fiddle, Matthew Spring, guitar18 Sibeag SimorDoctor Faustus19 The Irish WasherwomanDragonsfire20 Eriskay Love-Lilt Sarah Hill, harp21 Miss Macleod's Reel Sharon Lindo, pipes22 Cumha MhicCriomainn - MacCrimmon's Lament Sarah Hill, harp23 Trooper and MaidDoctor Faustus24 An Clarsair - The HarperSarah Hill, harp25 Hio, hua Raonuill ud thall - The Lure of the Sea MaidenSarah Hill, harp

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