Saints & Biographies Praying with Christian Mystics

Praying with Christian Mystics

Praying with Christian Mystics

Anetta Maguire



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ISBN: 9781856077217
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An introduction to the life and teachings of four great Christian mystics; Julian of Norwich, St. Teresa of Avila, St John of the Cross and Meister Eckhart. By reading and reflecting on passages from their writings a desire to study them in more depth may arise in the reader. Accepting that each of us is different, it is clear from their writings that the mystics can act as guides for us as we make our own unique journey to God. They can through their teachings inspire us to emulate their courage and faith thus allowing us to participate here and now in the real and eternal life. The book offers the reader an opportunity to discover what a mystic is and to take time to reflect on short passages from their teachings.

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