Parish Ministry I Was a Stranger and You Took Me In

I Was a Stranger and You Took Me In

I Was a Stranger and You Took Me In

Loyes M Spayd



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ISBN: 9781627853453
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We all know people who used to be in our churches on Sundays. Anger, insult, misunderstanding, or just plain apathy led them to walk away. But sometimes the Spirit nudges them to think about returning. When they think about coming back, will we really be ready to greet them?In this very practical book, Loyes Spayd draws on a lifetime of pastoral experience to help us open wide the doors in welcome how to clear up misunderstandings, deal with misconceptions, spark spiritual growth, and accompany people on each step of their journey back home.With many hints and techniques for energizing ministers, both staff and volunteers, Loyes shows how diocesan and national programs can be implemented successfully, and parish-specific programs developed, all with the goal of ensuring that those who are approaching the church with trepidation and fear are met with a warm and ready welcome. This book would be ideal for staff retreats or parish council days of reflection.

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