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Supporting Catholic Social Teaching

2018-07-11 14:38

Throughout the year our sales team attend a series of education conferences, leadership days and retreats. They’re often asked questions about how the staff can support their student’s learning.

Our team recently got asked about books to support Catholic Social Teaching.

We thought this would be the ideal opportunity to compile a blog post of all the great resources we have on each theme.


Life and Dignity of the Human person


Life, Death, & Catholic Medical Choices - Kevin O'Neil C.Ss.R & Peter Black STD
£4.95 Product Code: 14738 ISBN: 9780764819537 

Life Issues, Medical Choices, Questions and Answers for Catholics - Janet E Smith & Christopher Kaczor
£12.95 Product Code: 15389 ISBN: 9781616369378

Surprised by Life - Patrick Madrid
£13.95 Product Code: 30154 ISBN: 9781622823734

Call to family, Community and Participation


Our Catholic Family: Activities, Conversations, and Prayer - David Dziena & Gloria Shahin
£5.95 Product Code: 43240 ISBN: 9781939105431

Building Positive Relationships – Len Kofler
£9.95 Product Code: 1580 ISBN: 9780852314265 

A Heart Which Sees (activity cards) - Parents and Staff of Our Lady’s and St Patrick’s School
£6.95 Product Code: 1736 ISBN: 9780852314814 


Rights and responsibilities


Saints & Social Justice - Brandon Vogt
£8.95 Product Code: 89202 ISBN: 9781612786902

Impossible is a Dare: Fighting for a world free from slavery - Ben Cooley
£7.99 Product Code: 111481 ISBN: 9780281078844


Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

I Have Learned from the Least - Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle
£16.99 Product Code: 1040111 ISBN: 9781626982413 

The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers

Redundancy: Caring for Yourself and Others - Laurell A Hector
£4.95 Product Code: 1802 ISBN: 9780852315170 



Building A Bridge - James Martin
£15.99 Product Code: 185553 ISBN: 9780062694317 


Care for God’s Creation


Teaching Kids to Care for God's Creation - Mary Elizabeth Clark SSJ
£7.50 Product Code: 43257 ISBN: 9781627853408 

Caring for Creation - Pope Francis
£17.50 Product Code: 13863 ISBN: 9781632530608 

110 Fun Facts About God's Creation - Bernadette McCarver-Snyder
£8.50 Product Code: 14688 ISBN: 9780764818615


Not found what you're looking for? Then why not let us know which books you use to support Catholic Social Teaching?

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