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American and Canadian publishers win awards from the Catholic Press Association

2018-07-04 12:24

The Catholic Press Association Book Awards allows publishers, authors, and book editors in the US and Canada to present their work. The awards program helps promote outstanding Catholic material to the general public. 

Many of the awards were won by publishers we distribute on behalf of. Below is small selection of those winners and the categories they won their awards in. Click through to the book's product page to view the comments from the judges!

tl_files/rpbooks/images/newsletter_1/42066.jpg  tl_files/rpbooks/images/newsletter_1/13868.jpeg

First Place - Liturgy                            Second Place - Pope Francis category
Published by Novalis                           Published by Franciscan Media 

tl_files/rpbooks/images/newsletter_1/1040115.jpg  tl_files/rpbooks/images/newsletter_1/1040100.jpeg

First Place - Popular Presentation of    First Place - Prayer: Collection of Prayers
the Catholic Faith                               Published by Ave Maria Press
Published by Ave Maria Press


Second Place – Pilgrimage Catholic travel
Published by Franciscan Media

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